All About MPRINT

About The Owners

MPrint Boutique was founded by two sisters Megan and Melanie in early 2015. After the sisters attended a seminar at the University of Arkansas discussing Entrepreneurs and Leadership Building, they were hooked! The name MPRINT was born from the M, which is the beginning of their names, and their love for designs, patterns, and fabrics.

On their website you will find a variation of awesome pieces designed and hand picked by the owners for women both standard and curvy sizes. Upon shopping in the wholesale market, Megan and Melanie decided to start their own clothing brand Ascher Le. Mont and MPRINT which you will see featured amongst some of the other items in their store.


In 2019 Megan was browsing available spaces in downtown Springdale and found a space where the day to day operations of MPRINT would begin. The sisters quickly got to work on the buildout aspect of their offices and Boutique space.

The majority of Sales and Marketing are carried out online for MPRINT. However they do have Open Shop at MPRINT HQ throughout the month. Make sure you are following along in our Facebook VIP Group  for other upcoming events. We also plan to be apart of the various Boutique shows in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Our goal is to reach women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes and have them fall in love with items from our store. We also would like to employ and empower other women in the Northwest Arkansas Area to work at our Headquarters.


If you have an event where you would like MPrint to travel to you, or invite Megan and Melanie to a speaking event, please send an email to Hello@ShopMPrint and the ladies will get back to you as soon as possible!

Join Us

We have two social media accounts featured on Instagram. Our shopping account with sales, promotions, and our beautiful MPrint Models is: @ShopMPRINT. Want a little more and the opportunity to see sketches, styling, and photoshoots with the MPrint Team? Follow us @MPRINTHQ. You won't be disappointed!

A Letter from the M&M Girls

We want to take this time to personally thank each and everyone who have been apart of us building our dreams piece by piece. Whether you took the time to purchase one of our items, came and spoke with us at one of the local Boutique Shows, or gave us a listening ear during this start up process, you are important. After hours of sketching, sourcing, and purchasing for our customers, we hope you fall in love with every item that receives a well deserved place in your closet. 

With Love,

Megan and Melanie


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